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Head Coach - Alan Cardwell

Head Coach Profile

Alan has been coaching at senior levels most of his adult life in the business environment. His specialism in lean sigma techniques have taken him all over the world working on projects to improve business performance. Alan’s process engineering background is a big factor in his thinking in that ‘All work is a process’ and that ‘what gets measured gets done’ and these principles are directly applicable to improving sporting as well as business performance.

 Alan is still a competitive triathlete having been involved with the sport since 1993 and his knowledge of racing is both deep and insightful. Having worked with some of the UK’s top triathlon coaches, Alan understands the benefits and pitfalls of having a coach.

Triathlon coaching was a happy accident with the development of first Lanark Multisport, then Fusion Triathlon Club and ultimately Lanark Triathlon Club. The club needed coaching resource and it seemed obvious that Alan should assist the then head coach. As head coach at Lanark, Alan has designed and delivered literally thousands of sessions over the last few years ensuring that anyone who is willing to participate fully enjoys triathlon to the full and improves.

 2 years ago Alan was selected to take part in a Swim Smooth coaches education course that has seen him become a real swim geek and enthusiast. October saw Alan travel to the Swim smooth base in Perth, Western Australia to take part in 2 weeks of fully immersive coach education – paving the way for accreditation and Swim Smooth certified status in March of 2013.

 2010 saw Alan undertake his first 1-2-1 coaching assignment and gradually athletes have asked for help with the current squad of 12 being prepared for the coming season. The squad is a real mix – girls and guys at different levels from novice, wanna be IM, experienced IM to Age group world championship medallists.

 As a coach, the continual theme is that the more you think you know, the more you realise you have to learn, so this is simply the beginning and Alan looks forward to continue learning and helping people live their dreams in sport.

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