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Check out some of our testimonials below.  Please note, no athletes were harmed in the process of obtaining these testimonials….no blackmail, bullying or bribery.  Our athletes are our best advert and the centre of our coaching ethos, the comments below give you an idea of what we do and what you can expect.

Derek BurnsideDerek Burnside

I started Ironman due to a need to fulfil my need for a challenge. This quickly became an obsession. Only problem was, I seemed to be stuck at the same level after 3 races. Someone suggested a coach. I did not need to look far. Alan is the head coach at my club Lanark Triathlon Club. He is also a very well qualified Triathlon Coach with many years’ experience racing and coaching.

In short he took me from dreaming of a sub 11 hour Ironman, to achieving it and more. Together we got a 10hr 22min Ironman time.  Oh and by the way, we took more than an hour from the previous years’ time.

Would I recommend him as a coach……the short answer is Yes. Thorough, personable, knowledgable to describe but a few. He covers everything from swim analysis, including video footage, to running style. The programmes he writes for me are very well suited. This is done on a weekly basis. I honestly feel as if I’m getting one to one coaching.

If you’re serious about your sport, a coach is the way forward. That coach for me would be Alan Cardwell.

Mike GoddardMike Goddard 

I have known Alan for 2 years, initially as Chief Coach of Lanark Triathlon Club but more recently as my personal triathlon coach.

Alan’s style of coaching is refreshingly different to the traditional approach. His intuitive understanding of personality combined with his huge experience of everything triathlon and endurance sport means that he can truly tailor the coaching to meet your personal needs.

As an age grouper and a relative newcomer to the sport I have found this 1-2-1 coaching style to be most effective. He is never too busy to respond to my innumerable questions and always goes the extra mile to exceed his client’s expectations. I know it is a bit of a cliché but his passion for all things triathlon is hugely infectious and I would wholeheartedly recommend his services to anybody who needs advice, assistance, or a full coaching service.

Silver medal 2012 European Triathlon Age Group Championships, Eilat.

4th place 2012 World Triathlon Age Group Championships, Auckland

Scott MarriottScott Marriott 

Right where to start.  Being coached by Alan over the last year has helped me grow as an athlete and as a person, because his ability to diagnose my physical and psychological limiters is in my opinion second to none! His highly enthusiastic, focussed and driven nature provided me with a source of information and motivation which enabled me to follow the programme that Alan had developed and resulted in multiple PB’s throughout the year, culminating in achieving a 5:09 Half IM which was right on target.

Take up the opportunity to be coached by Alan (If there are any spaces left), you won’t regret it!”…..

Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan

I was aware of the progress a friend had made working with Alan and, with my preparations for Ironman Germany having stalled, thought I would try working under the guidance of a coach for the first time.

This proved to be a very wise move. In the limited training time available, I ended up setting a PB. But, of greater value, were the lessons in how to train and prepare for and then race an ironman (…I can’t say I always obeyed the lessons, but there was certainly no lack of guidance).

Alan is vastly knowledgeable about triathlon – a lot of it built on his own racing experience – and his approach is very thorough. He does not compromise on the access he affords to his clients and tunes into your personal circumstances in order to tailor your training around them. The enthusiasm and passion which he injects into his coaching is virtually limitless – if just a fraction rubs off on you, I guarantee training and racing will be that much more pleasurable (even 15×1 minute flat out reps on the turbo!).

Alan is very committed to his coaching and he does expect that commitment to be reciprocated – but why would you go to the expense of hiring a coach if you’re not willing to follow the programme? With more time to work with, we’re already building towards 2013…

 Steven Ross

Steven Ross

 I entered triathlon in 2009, I had never ridden a bike more than 300 yards nor had I swam more than 4 lengths of a swimming pool (breaststroke) while on holiday. So I muddled through for a year doing sprints and even a half ironman, in fact my first attempt was an Olympic distance where I came out the water dead last!!! By a mere 7 mins! But who cares I was hooked.So after piddling about for a year I stopped the talk and walked the walk and put myself forward for Ironman Zurich, my plan was pure and simple and that was to finish. My lack of discipline greatly concerned me so I thought I would go for a coached approach rather than an ‘Internet’ approach, and boy am I glad I did.

I knew Alan already and you could say we were good friends, I knew he had a real joie de vivre, an enthusiasm that is unparalleled, but he had never coached. Up stepped me, the un-coachable, or as my boss calls me maverick.

All I can say is that was one of the best years of my life, and thanks to Alan I dreamed a dream that I had since I watched Mark Allan all them years ago win the Ironman world title 6 times on the bounce. I can remember saying back in the day when channel 4 was great, khubadi anyone, and showed all the different sports, I remember saying, one day I will do that.

Alan was there for me every day, either by phone, by mail, or face to face, he was there, he never once let me down and he consistently put up with all my nonsense. The triathlon was only a part of it, the person that I became was far the greater prize than the finish in Zurich. Talking and speaking with Alan all week gave me such drive and positivity that I carried through to at a business level as well.

Any way, after only 1 1/2 years of swimming I was out the water in 1hr 15mins, and I finished my first ironman in 12hrs 45. I would not have cared if I would have finished in 15.59, the cut off time, for it was the journey and the person I became thanks to my now very close friend and all round general nutcase – Aldo.



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